Customise Bespoke Order

We have variety of indian bridal jewelry set on our website. We have variety of high quality jewelry for any occasion at reasonable prices. Looking for Pakistani jewelry sets then visit our website. We can make all types of asian bridal jewellery sets. you can buy for wedding, mehndi, Reception and any other occasions.

We can cater bespoke customised order according to your choice of different designs, plating and stones. We don't stock all bridal sets and jewellery as we customise jewellery designs exclusively for you as per your requirements.

Whether you looking for any change small or large such as change stones, beads or size, redesign a product even you want a product that is not our collection, we can create it according to your choice. Our friendly team will discuss and make changes in colour, material, measurements, style or bespoke jewellery to suit your budget.

We provide you with updates at each step to ensure that jewellery is being made as per your specifies and requirements.

To discuss bespoke customised order or for a consultations:


WhatsApp: 00447895956200

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